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⭐ Dolphins & Art History ⭐

Khrysos Choice Collection

  • Minoan Diamond Earrings

    $ 3,930.00

    Materials 18k Gold and 4 diamonds Specifics The earrings are approximately 1 inch in length  Weight: approximately 16 grams

  • Symphony Cuff Bracelet

    $ 18,000.00

    Materials 18k Gold with Diamonds Specifics The bracelet is approximately 1.5 inch wide.  Weight is approximately 58 grams.

  • The Breckenridge Bracelet

    $ 19,550.00

    Materials 18k Gold and Pearls Specifics The bracelet is approximately .75 inch wide.  Weight is approximately 80 grams. Why "Breckenridge"? Could ...

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  • The Openness Ring

    $ 3,380.00

    Materials 18k Gold Specifics  The face is approximately .63 inch wide

  • Diamond Abyss Bracelet detailed
    Diamond Abyss Bracelet

    Diamond Abyss Bracelet

    $ 8,000.00

    Materials 18k Gold and gemstones of your choice (diamonds shown, but please enquire about any preferences you may have) Specifics  The bracelet ...

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  • Iraklion Cuff Bracelet

    $ 15,300.00

    Materials 18k Gold and diamonds. Specifics The bracelet is approximately 1.12 inch wide Weight: 61 grams Glossy and Martile (textured) surfaces a...

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  • 18k High Byzantine Bracelet detailed
    18k High Byzantine Bracelet

    Hand Woven Anthemion Bracelet

    $ 14,660.00

    Materials 18k Gold, sapphires and diamonds. Specifics The bracelet is approximately 1.25 inches at it's widest point Weight: 58 grams

  • 18k Gold Heracles Necklace

    Heracles Knot Anthemion Necklace

    $ 17,250.00

    Materials 18k Gold, tourmalines and a diamond Specifics The necklace is approximately 1 inch wide  Weight: 67 grams

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