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⭐   "Model M's" New Color! ⭐
⭐   "Model M's" New Color! ⭐

Giorgo Damaskos:

Master Goldsmith

"We don't use molds in our fabrication, everything is made from scratch for each piece. They call me crazy for this sometimes, they tell me I would save so much time by pouring gold into molds. But the truth is we save a lot of gold this way and it reduces costs. Good! I'd much rather give it to my customers in savings, and pay the rest to my craftsmen - there aren't so many people left who can do what they do." - Giorgo Damaskos

Damaskos Signature Pieces

"We have a jewelry making tradition that dates back 5,000 years. To show respect requires innovation. Along with a new body of design, we've developed several new textures such as diamond scrape and "martile" (mar-tee-lay) which gives gold the visual effect of velvet. 

We've also developed "black gold" as an option for martile that gives it the look of black velvet. 

 It's important to use traditional manufacturing methods for the customer too. This is something that will be given with love and valued when worn. This is Greek Jewelry."- Giorgo Damaskos

Athena's Treasures filmed a behind-the-scenes look at the Damaskos workshop

museum greek cuff bracelet

Museum Cuff Enamel Bracelet by Damaskos — contact us for inquiries

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