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⭐  Last week to order Damaskos, Al'Oro, and Amanatidis before August Break ⭐
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⭐  Last week to order Damaskos, Al'Oro, and Amanatidis before August Break ⭐
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About Gerochristo

For four generations, the Gerochristo family has been innovating and generating some of the most incredible jewelry ideas in the world. Spiros Gerochristo (the current head of house) began making jewelry in the early 1970’s by following the long-held traditions of post-Hellenic design; hallmarked by heavy and ornately etched Sterling Silver design.

Post Hellenic (Heavy Etched Silver) Bracelet

Spiros wasn’t too anxious to continue doing what everyone else did. All that heavy sterling silver and intricate etching was nice (and perhaps historically important) but he wanted his art to be infused with color and wealth. The times were changing … the military junta that tightly controlled Greek life had been deposed and there was a new sense of freedom in Greece. So the Gerochristos wanted the “fresh air” of hope and optimism to fill their pieces.

gerochristo greek jewelry

So they began experimenting with colorful stones like tourmalines and peridot … but eventually discovered that gold bezels brought the stones to life with more vibrancy. That realization sparked a revolution in jewelry design which has been reflected in the collections of some of the world’s most recognized jewelers. Spiros started the full-scale incorporation of gold elements into traditional silver design – and eventually began designing pieces specifically with his new two-tone look in mind. 

While many designers have been successful in bringing this look to the world, Gerochristo continues to create hundreds of new designs each year for the Greek market. As such, the Gerochristos are our very own “hidden gem” and we are thankful for the opportunity to bring their designs to you here at Athena’s Treasures. 
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