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⭐⭐ Bulking up in the Men's Department ⭐⭐
⭐⭐ Bulking up in the Men's Department ⭐⭐

 Gerochristo Jewelry

Gerochristo Rings


Sterling silver, large gemstones, decorative, cross rings—Many styles to choose  here with Gerochristo rings 

Gerochristo Bracelets


Details on all sides of these decorative Gerochristo bracelets—Charm chains, cuff, link—Made to your size

Gerochristo Earrings


Choose your gemstone to match a cocktail dress or casual night out

Gerochristo pendants


Statement pieces with your choice of gemstone, or stunning sterling silver detail 

Gerochristo lockets


For those little hidden treasures

Gerochristo chains


Necklaces, chains, and Gerochristo charm chains to add your favorite sterling silver charms

Gerochristo cufflinks


Stylish additions to your formalwear—some with gemstones

Gerochristo crosses


Gerochristo cross pendants for Baptism, religious celebrations, or keepsake for future generations

Gerochristo mens rings

Men's Rings

Those Gerochristo rings with a more masculine touch

Garden Shadows Collection


Pop Rocks Collection


Athena Gaia Founder Peter Bradley takes you on a walk around The Little Metropolis in Athens, Greece. See the details that have inspired many Greek artists and jewelry makers, including our own Gerochristo.

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