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🌞 August Vacations are Coming 🌞
Please get your orders in this week
🌞 August Vacations are Coming 🌞
Please get your orders in this week
Looking for the God of Fire?

Looking for the God of Fire?

Inspiration from the legends and symbols associated with each Olympian god—Whether you seek the wisdom of Athena, the beauty of Aphrodite, or the heat of Hephaestus, we have a piece that embodies these divine qualities.

Olympian Collection by Kouzoupis
Shadow and Light: 18k Gold Collection by Maramenos & Pateras

Shadow and Light: 18k Gold Collection by Maramenos & Pateras

"Shadow and Light" can be seen as a spiritual exit from the Dark Ages, where the over-all style is adhered to, but the addition of diamonds, textures and shapes has been absorbed through the rebirth of Aegean architecture and spiritual influences.

Shadow and Light Collection

Discover a timeless treasure that intertwines the past and the present.

We've spent the last 20 years building our collection, crafted with the finest attention to detail, as the latest chapter in an epic 5,000-year-old Greek jewelry tradition. Every piece is a testament to the artistry and history that it represents, a narrative that has been cherished from cave paintings to museum exhibits. Join us in keeping this extraordinary story alive. This isn't just a purchase; it's your entry into a legacy. Welcome to a journey of timeless elegance and historical significance.


My Byzantine cross arrived yesterday and it is simply stunning and beautiful.  My husband and I are astounded by the beauty, workmanship, skill and attention to detail.  It is beautiful and perfect in every way.


The necklace arrived in perfect condition. My wife loves the pendant, and has been wearing it every day. She also loves the bracelet and also wears that every day.  I’ve given her lots of high quality jewelry, but the two items from Athena Gaia seem to be her very favorite.


Gotta say, the ring you helped me get my wife for our 20th anniversary, was a huge success. She loved the ring so much and wears it everywhere proudly. The reason I came to you is because no one in town had anything close to the unique style you were offering.


Pete and Joanne, you continue to be a pleasure to work with! Your customer service and dedication to satisfaction is truly top-notch! Thank you so much for bringing a caring spirit to your business.


Very happy with the ring. Good workmanship and just beautiful! Would shop here again, definitely.


Pete and Joanne are outstanding, just like their jewelry! They are both very friendly, will discuss your choice and offer alternatives if necessary/requested and just make the overall ordering experience calm and easy. There's no hard sell just a pleasant experience.


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