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Gift Deadlines
The elves are getting ready!
Gift Deadlines
The elves are getting ready!

New Jewelry from Greece

NEW stackable rings in Gerochristo Jewelry

Wear them all, wear a few a time — be prepared for wherever your mood takes you for the day. These match well with your current set, or you can create a new one. 

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New Designer: Maramenos & Pateras


New Designer: Kouzoupis


New Collection: Konstantinata


Newest Rings

New Cross Pendants

Byzantine Crosses, Baptism Crosses, Keepsakes for all occasions

Starting this business was difficult. Doing it as a new parent in a foreign country through the best and worst of life's changes and market fibrillations made it ... interesting! 

One thing I enjoyed while in Greece was corresponding with our customers. The e-mails were a welcome social outlet that went well beyond jewelry. I found myself updating people on family issues, our designers, and how Athena's was managing the various crises of the day. 

So our blog is meant to open the conversation to everyone, give insight to our efforts, show Greece from unconsidered angles and invite you along for a very unique ride. Click here to take a look!

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