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Heading to Greece? Let's get a drink!
Heading to Greece? Let's get a drink!

Gerochristo Jewelry

Greek traditional jewelry handmade to order in Greece

Gerochristo Jewelry

Greek traditional jewelry handmade to order in Greece

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(málama) noun (figurative) Somebody or something with exceptional good or valuable qualities.

In addition to being credited with developing the 18k gold/925 sterling silver two-toned look that has been emulated by designers all over the world, Spiros is one of the most generous figures in the Greek jewelry industry. New designers gravitate to him for advice and are rewarded with his knowledge of vendors and techniques.

He is quite simply; a "μάλαμα"! 





Chains & Necklaces






Garden Shadows


Meadow Shadows


Men's Collection


Meadow Breeze & Wild Flowers



Athena Gaia Founder Peter Bradley takes you on a walk around The Little Metropolis in Athens, Greece. The Little Metropolis, formally the Church of St. Eleutherios or Panagia Gorgoepikoos, is a Byzantine-era church located at the Mitropolis square, next to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens. Hear some history and see the details that have inspired many Greek artists and jewelry makers, including our own Gerochristo.



Pop Rocks




The Gerochristo Workshop

As one of the most modern workshops, they employ the most skilled goldsmiths, craftsmen and engravers, with long experience and high inspiration.

All jewelry is made of Silver 925 and Solid Gold 18K, with a few newer pieces offered in 925 Silver with gold plated parts (as marked on the listings).

All Gerochristo jewelry is sealed with the official codes of the Greek State: Ωτ15 Gerochristo GR, 925 for silver and 750 for Gold K18.

The stones you will find in their collection include:

Precious stones: diamonds and rubies

Semi precious stones: tourmaline, peridot, aquamarine, blue topaz, lemon topaz, green amethyst, amethyst, garnet, iolite, rhodolite, tsavorite.

Doublet stones: (Top with H.Quartz and rock crystal quartz) ruby, amazonite, lapis, azurite malachite, apatite, turquoise copper, turquoise, green turquoise copper, purple copper, hematite, ocean quartz, purple quartz, mother of pearl and labradorite.

Creative stones: Zircons, Spinel and H.quartz

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