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Our weekly Hunt is still on: Your chance to win $250


The Father of Greek Traditional


The Father of Greek Traditional



μάλαμα • (málama) noun (figurative) somebody or something with exceptional good or valuable qualities. 

In addition to being credited with developing the gold/silver two-toned look that has been emulated by designers all over the world, Spiros is one of the most generous figures in the Greek jewelry industry. New designers gravitate to him for advice and are rewarded with his knowledge of vendors and techniques. 

He is quite simply; a "μάλαμα"!



Gerochristo Collections

The genesis of Gerochristo design comes straight off the walls of this historic church. Find out more in the video!

"Mystery" is the goal with this Byzantine style. Let the light and your imagination flow through and be captured by perforated and finely etched filigree facades.

Our intention with Pop Rocks was to give explosive and cheerful color through the use of natural stones while not breaking the budget of our biggest fans. 





Chains & Necklaces


We offer a "craft-on-demand" business that offers the benefits of lower pricing, flexible customization and environment friendly efficiency, but it also means new orders can take a few weeks to be produced and delivered. Many people shop with us because they want "the perfect thing for them" and waiting a week or two is worth it, but if you simply don't have the time this may just be the thing for you: Gerochristo has a quickly revolving stock of ready-to-ship items as well. 

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