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UPDATED 5/30/2020: A note from Pete and Joanne about our current 15% Store-Wide & 20% Damaskos Sales
UPDATED 5/30/2020: A note from Pete and Joanne about our current 15% Store-Wide & 20% Damaskos Sales

How does it all work?

Frequently Asked Questions about our Greek Jewelry

A personal keepsake often comes with a few questions. We've answered a few popular ones:

Where is your store located?

We are right here—online! Although our administrative studio is in NJ, we do not have a physical store. All communications are through our office in the US and all of the products are made in Greece.  

How long does it take to get my order?

Expect to receive your order within 3 to 5 weeks.

We will discuss any customization requests with you first (for gemstones selections this typically takes no time, but more involved ideas can take up to a week to discuss and approve.

Our workshops in Greece then make your piece from scratch, to your size and specifications. This is about 5-10 work days, depending upon the complexity of the piece and if we need to source gemstones. 

Once it leaves Greece, it can take 5-10 days for shipping and to get through Customs. Once it gets to us in NJ, we ship it out same day after photo-documentation and a final quality control check. We ship from NJ by USPS to you, which takes up to 3 business days. Expedited shipping can also be arranged.  

During the month of August, workshops are closed. Work resumes first week of September and we expedite shipping on orders received in August. 

Please get Christmas orders in by December 1.

Is everything made in Greece?

Yes! All pieces are handmade in Greece. 

Can I have a piece engraved?

Yes, if the piece allows room for engraving. Most pieces by Damaskos allow room for engraving, but Gerochristo has a funny habit of designing every last corner of his designs - leaving no space for engraving. So please ask before-hand to make sure it can be done, but otherwise the service is free, and will take an extra 2-3 days in the process. 

Do you offer custom work?

Yes! This is part of what sets us above the rest.The most common custom questions are:
Can I get this in a different size? 
Can it be made with bigger diamonds? 
Can it be made with different gemstones or none at all? 
Can I get a different texture (smooth glossy gold instead of textured martile for instance) 
Can I get a full band ring instead of split back? 
Can a Damaskos Black™ piece be made with yellow gold? 

 From Damaskos we can accommodate a wide range of requests, and even make some designs from scratch. Most custom work begins with a jewelry piece that is seen here online, and then modified. If a piece is highly modified, Joanne and Pete will work with you, asking your preferences, defining your budget, and a rough comp will be shown to you for approval. Damaskos will give his input from Greece—perhaps suggesting proper gemstone sizes, base metals, or textures.From Gerochristo we typically entertain gemstone and sizing choices. 

Some examples are: We created a new ring based on details crafted from techniques used for 5,000 years. We made a bracelet based on a ring design for a customer after she received her now-matching ring. We've added diamonds where a new bride thought there should be more diamonds. Sometimes we simply make things larger to satisfy someone's taste.

With gemstones there are many options to personalize. We try to keep each listing up to date with availability, but once in a while certain stones are not available. We are happy to answer gemstone requests, and let you know about availability, sizes, and if it incurs extra cost. 

Looking for that unique wedding band set, made just for you? Yes we do that, too. We have many bands that customers have used for engagements, and in both wedding and anniversary celebrations. The Diamond Block Collection is a popular place to start, but you can also see a larger selection of wedding and anniversary jewelry here. 

See our video on the process of making a custom 2-Sided Cloisonne Enamel Icon Bracelet.

We will be adding more information on custom work, but please contact us with questions and requests. 

Can I talk to a human?

Yes! We love to hear from you. We have our phone line open for expert advice and phone orders, but there’s a bigger reason: We like talking to our customers.We think you deserve to know about the people you are buying from, but above all it’s really nice to hear about why you are buying something, and what it will mean to you. These stories get passed along to the designer because they like to hear them, too—like the story we received from a couple who are almost 80 years old, married for 56 years, and were searching for a pair of rings to replace their original rings. 

Deciding on a keepsake can be a big decision, so let us guide you. We're available 7 days a week, though hours will vary. 

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