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Heading to Greece? Let's get a drink!
Heading to Greece? Let's get a drink!

Rings made in Greece

Custom made to any size

by Artist

Maramenos & Pateras












by Style

Large Stone Rings

Let the color be the statement in these rings. Gorgeous large gemstones and doublets in highly detailed settings.

Decorative Rings

Focus is on the intricate detail and depth. 

Band Rings

Solid bands,  wide bands, split-back bands, hammered bands, split-face bands—This group is all about the shape

Cross Rings

Religious rings in 18k gold, sterling silver, with and without gemstones. For day to day wear, or great complement to a cross necklace.

Locket Rings

Rings for hidden little treasures.

Men's Rings

For a more masculine or unisex style.

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Unique wedding rings in 14k gold and 18k gold

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