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New Blog Entry: "Packaging your Piece"
New Blog Entry: "Packaging your Piece"

Thank you my dear, 

for your life and mine.

So we've found the simple truth of you and I.

Two souls brought together by the breeze, excited by the night, 

tested by the chaos and warmed in the morning light. 

Thank you my dear, for your life and mine.

The breeze filtered through a meadow of Spring blossoms, absorbing the pristine scent of renewal along the way. 

It came to us full with the aroma of its journey, 

and instigation of adventure.

So we gazed through the facade and into the shadows, fearing never ending unknowns but accepting the adventure gladly. To find someone is a blessing, to keep finding them is a wonder.

We've been cast into a sea of chaos, wind and currents, clinging to each other and slipping away only find each other once again.

Poems for Joanne and Tommy - by Peter Bradley

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