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⭐ Sale Update: Things are tightening ⭐
⭐ A Micromosiac Masterpiece ⭐
⭐ Sale Update: Things are tightening ⭐
⭐ A Micromosiac Masterpiece ⭐

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"Socially Sustainable" in terms of our business means removing unnecessary markups, costs, and "middlemen" between the person who wants a piece of jewelry and the jeweler who makes it. The goal is to keep transactions "local" to the principal parties, and thereby benefiting the people who matter the most.

Pete (the founder of Athena Gaia) gives an idea of what fair pricing and sustainability means to us and our customers in this video.


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“I just received my beautiful ring. If you have an opportunity to purchase a piece from Athena...”

“Where are you located? Is everything made in Greece? Can I talk to somebody on the phone...”

“What if I don't like it? What if it's too big or too small? How long will it take to get my order..."

Meet Pete and Joanne, and read about our goal to protect an important part of the world’s artistic heritage and culture

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