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Please Welcome our New Designer: Maramenos & Pateras
Please Welcome our New Designer: Maramenos & Pateras

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”― Aristotle

Our Mission:

To represent and cultivate a small but important part of the world’s artistic heritage and culture 

while honoring the reason it exists in the first place (you).

Through hostile occupations by the Persians, Romans, Ottomans and Germans, internal strife, good economies and bad, the Greeks have been making jewelry. 

Now the greatest threat comes from large fashion brands importing mass produced products. But we know something they might not; that the underlying “brick and mortar” of a tradition like ours comes from love, hard work, and the desire to please the customer. 

So we've partnered with independent workshops who are dedicated to the tradition of hand-crafted jewelry making, and whose manufacturing happens entirely in Greece. 

Giorgo Damaskos adds a final touch to a ring. Every customer's order passes thru his hands before delivery

Perhaps most importantly, we only deal with family businesses —Those established enough to be great at what they do, modern enough to understand the demands of the digital age, but small enough to care about each customer. Because when you deal with a family business in Greece - that's exactly how you get treated, like family. 

Only once we know your preferences will we create "your" piece, but we will always think of it as "our" piece too, as it will mark the time where it was our turn to carry this tradition.

18k gold loops are fired in the beginning of the Granulation technique.

Pricing: Our philosophy at work

"Socially Sustainable" refers to an environment where every party to a transaction is proactively respected. The heavy footprint of traditional retail costs are replaced with savings to the customer and better representation for the craftsmen. The goal is to create and maintain a business model that is durable, and that reflects the promise, efficiencies and transparency of a connected world.

Our founder Peter Bradley explains how "socially sustainable" benefits our customers on pricing.



Athena Gaia: A Timeline

Joanne and Peter at Απέραντο Γαλάζιο - ΝΑΟΒΒ

Peter and Håvard are preparing a video for the Gerochristo Page


Peter Bradley 

After surviving 9/11 Peter moved to Greece to discover one of the world’s hidden treasures; the artisans of the Greek jewelry industry. Over the past 18 years he has worked to bring worldwide recognition to their work with his inception of Athena's Gaia. He loves to personally interact with customers and collaborates with the craftsmen to ensure that each piece of jewelry is exactly what it should be; valued forever!

Joanne Borek 

An established online development professional, photographer, and professor at NYU, Joanne has used her talents to help expand Athena Gaia's presence. Her data-driven creative spirit enlightens the personality for the store, and she energizes the business by providing customers with a seamless experience through all forms of communication.


Kristin Sands

Melissa Silverstien

Amelia Metters


Jan Greco

Andrea Saavedra

Ageliki Vracha 

"Model M"

Elizabeth Reinertsen

Nick Conte

2015 NYU Intern Team

Håvard Wattum 

Hailan Cai

Jade Xiaoyu Wang

Jawad Munawar Khan

Jinyang Bian

Prachi Gohil

Sameer Trikannad

Tene Washington

Thomas Athenasios

Tiffany Hsu

VickyShin Huang

A note on "bespoke"

bespoke [bəˈspōk] - ADJECTIVE - BRITISH

made for a particular customer or user.

"a bespoke suit"

Our rings, bracelets & necklaces are made specifically for you so virtually everything we sell is "bespoke". The video below shows how far we'll go for that magical gift

Learn about the process of custom Greek Jewelry with Athena Gaia in this video featuring Founding Partner Pete Bradley. For this piece we modified our 18k Gold Diamond Block Chain Bracelet by Damaskos to accommodate 3 panels of hand painted Cloisonne Enamel on one side.

Our jewelry sets us apart ... and so does our philosophy on pricing. In this video we explain of how our sustainable business model creates efficiencies that save ourselves and our customers money.   

Our Name


The goddess of wisdom and war. She is well known as the protector of Athens but was also the goddess of craftsmanship (how appropriate for us!). 


The ancestral mother of all life—the original Mother Earth. She was the deity behind the Oracle and oaths sworn in her name were considered the most binding of all. Gaia was also worshiped as the “sender of gifts” (again, how appropriate for us!).  

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