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🌞 August Vacations are Coming 🌞
Please get your orders in this week
🌞 August Vacations are Coming 🌞
Please get your orders in this week


The Joy of Jewelry


The Joy of Jewelry





Crosses & Konstantinata












Mix lengths and metals, delicate with bold. Wear all day, every day. When it comes to layering chains and necklaces, there are no rules.



Konstantinata (aka: Martirika, Filakta, Panagitses)

A "Konstantinato" is an ancient Byzantine coin first minted by the emperor Constantine in an attempt to bring economic order to an almost bankrupt Roman Empire. 

The real innovation behind the coin was two-fold: First; it was one of the very first monetary units to be made of real gold at a specified weight that was backed by the issuing authority. Second; it featured the cross in such a way as to make the emperor's intentions towards the religion unmistakable. 

These coins would be circulated around the empire with an unmistakable message; "a new religion was being adopted". 


Mati (Evil Eye)


The Evil Eye, (or μάτι "mati" in Greek)


The superstition where if someone envious of you glares at you behind your back either intentionally or unintentionally you will be cursed with bad fortune. This superstition originated in Greek antiquity, but can still be found in central Asia, the Middle East, parts of North Africa, the Levant, Mediterranean Europe, some Celtic cultures, and even parts of Latin America. 

The belief was documented by ancient philosophers such as Plutarch who described it as a supernatural and extremely dangerous force. Since then, a great many talismans have been developed to block or return the Evil Eye’s Curse. In households it is common to see the blue eye hung by a string, but you may also know of the Hamsa, Hac or Nazar among others. 

Wedding Bands

We have a growing selection of wedding bands from Al'Oro. A few things to remember:

These are priced as pairs regardless of size

With each design you'll have a choice of 14k or 18k white, rose or yellow gold.

Where diamonds are featured - they typically apply to only one of the two rings (sorry gents), but we can change that if needed.

Please make your selection early; give us 2 months of lead-time.   

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