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⭐ Dolphins & Art History ⭐

Please also read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
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Athena Gaia Seller Policies

Refund Policy and Return Policy | Shipping:

In Spirit: For the past 15 years we've served over 7,000 customers and are confident not just in your enjoyment of the product, but in our service as well. So please shop with confidence, but note these specifics: 

If you are not completely satisfied with your product we will take it back under the following conditions:

1. We offer a refund (or at your request; a store credit) on all non-custom sales under $1,000 if the desire for a refund is expressed within 3 days of receiving of product. This gives you a chance to evaluate the piece and make sure it's everything you hoped it would be. Purchases made with a Gift Card may only be refunded in store credit. For orders over $1000 we offer the first $1,000 cash back and the difference in store credit (or at your request; a full store credit). If returns are accepted over 30 days after receipt, store credit only will be issued. 

2. Return Shipping costs are covered by us when you request a Return Label 

3. Custom (pieces designed for you, in our store) and whole-sale orders are not eligible for return (for refund or credit) and may require non-refundable deposits. 

Our Business Model: Craft-on-Demand: Although some of the products we list are currently in their respective designer's inventories, many are not, and will either need to be made or require customization. This may add several weeks to the delivery time, but benefits our customers in three significant ways: 

1. We are able to show more products than a brick and mortar store. 

2. We have more flexibility when it comes to customization (sizes, stone choices and metal values). 

3. Price: Our overhead is low ... you benefit in savings.

Timing | Shipping:
If the item needs to me made the workshops typically require 5-14 work days to make your piece before shipping it from Greece. Total shipping time to your address has taken as little as 4 days and as much as 2 months in extreme cases - but typically takes from 2 to 5 weeks.

US Orders: Once the package leaves Greece, it takes a minimum of 5 days to fly to the US and then clear customs. Once it gets to us in NJ, we ship it out same business day after a quality control check. We ship via USPS Priority to you at no additional charge for orders over $700. This typically takes 2-4 business days.

Expedited shipping is also available at check-out but please be advised that this only applies to the last leg of the item's journey. Choosing this option does not mean you will get your product within 2 days of ordering it, it's just an option to the USPS priority shipping.

EU/Europe Orders: We charge a small handling fee based on your total order value. You will see that calculated at checkout. Orders will arrive direct from Greece in as fast as 3 days after crafting.

Non-US/Non-Europe Orders: We charge a small handling flat fee per order. Australia and Japan can ship direct from Greece. If you have questions on another location, please contact us. For some other locations, the orders will come to the US and ship from New Jersey - please call us for specifics if you desire. 


1. After a purchase is made you can expect a notification confirming your purchase and payment. 

2. Following this (within a few days) you may receive a notice about an ETA. Sometimes this doesn't happen but please don't be alarmed as it happens at the designers discretion.

3. For US orders: Once your item(s) arrive in the United States and has completed QA, you will receive another e-mail explaining that your order has been shipped to you! 
Please also read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
Learn what people say about us

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