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🌞 August Vacations are Coming 🌞
Please get your orders in this week
🌞 August Vacations are Coming 🌞
Please get your orders in this week

Athena Gaia 15% & 5%

A smarter, more sustainable way to support your community

First, we'd like to say "thank you" for visiting us today. 

The Greek American community has formed the bedrock of our business for several good reasons: 

  • They like to see their culture depicted in a respectful and beautiful way 
  • They know the product quality is second-to-none 
  • They like the security and professionalism of an American based business

Our Problem: We're often asked to participate in festivals and donate pieces for fund raisers. We can afford to do that on occasion, but with over 500 churches in America we've come to realize we're going to disappoint few folks

So we found a better way.

We are sending personalized cards (see above) for display at Church bookstores (or appropriate public spaces). These cards include a 15% discount code for our store.

The code is associated with your church, so whenever it's used your church will get a donation equal to 5% of the purchase price.

Why is this better than festivals and auctions?

Zero Cost: This entire thing is cost (& effort) free for your church. All you need to do is sign up using the form below.

Greater Selection: At a festival or auction we would only be able to show a handful of pieces. Your parishioners might not find anything that interests them, but "the code" gives them discounted access to over 2,000 pieces that will be custom made in Greece specifically for their size and choice of stones. A better selection and personalized service results in a much greater chance for a transaction.

Timing & Availability: Festivals and auctions occur for limited times, but your parishioners buy jewelry year-round. They buy gifts for Christmas, baptisms and graduations, and goodies for themselves all year long.

Extensibility: Anyone can use your church's coupon code. You can distribute cards at festivals, you can e-mail it to friends, one of your parishioners might show off a new purchase to a friend ... word gets around.

Our point of view:

Our Greek American customers see any purchase through our store is an affirmation of their cultural identity. The pieces they buy expose one of Greece's most ancient and amazing traditions for their friends and family to see. 

The church plays a vital role in keeping that cultural pride strong, so it's a natural for us to want to keep our success within the community.

Would you like more information?

We invite to use the chat button at the bottom of the screen to ask questions, 

You can also call us at 862-222-0442 or ...

E-Mail us at

Are you ready to proceed?

Simply fill out the form below and we'll take it from there!

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