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🌞 August Vacations are Coming 🌞
Please get your orders in this week

Al'Oro Phaistos Disc Stud Earrings

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$ 240.00
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14k Gold


The face or each earring is .35 inch in diameter

Cultural Note
One of the most mysterious objects from ancient Crete is the Phaistos Disc. It's a round piece of clay that was found in 1908 by Luigi Pernier, an Italian archaeologist, at the site of a Minoan palace in Phaistos. The disc has a collection of symbols on both sides, arranged in a spiral that goes from the edge to the center. There are 241 symbols in total, and they look like they were made by pressing different stamps into the wet clay. No one knows for sure what the disc means or where it came from. Some people think it's a calendar, a game, a religious object, or even a hoax. It's now on display at the museum in Heraklion, where you can see it for yourself.

Also Shown
The Original Museum Copy is shown for reference (this is not for sale)

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Due to the handcrafted nature, dimensions and weight are approximate



Why Al'Oro? First and foremost; these are our friends! Not only to Athena Gaia, but also to the entire Greek jewelry industry because they supply gold chains to just about everyone! They also make some popular and unique products with those chains, such as mati and delicate style bracelets and necklaces.

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"I just got home and found the delivery. Both pieces are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for expediting the shipping!"
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"My granddaughter is in love with her mati necklace and is now on your site looking to layer it with another chain!"
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