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Athena Gaia Blog & Office News
Kouzoupis Greek Jewelry Collection

Celestial Spun Swirl Pendant Necklace with Diamonds

$ 2,940.00

18k Gold, Diamonds (.31ct)

The pendant is .51 inches in diameter and the chain will be custom made by the designer to your size.

The Celestial Collection
Celestial bodies are any natural bodies outside of the Earth’s atmosphere like the Moon, Sun and the planets of our solar system. The word "planet" comes from the Greek word “planetes”, meaning "wanderer". The planets symbolize hope and reveries and the designs of this collection make a strong romantic statement as well, demonstrating celestial adoration. 

SKU 118009MNB0665P   | Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and cleaning cloth

Here are some reviews from our past customers sharing their overall shopping experience with Kouzoupis:

"I received the cross and chain about an hour ago. My wife loves them!!! She loves the intricate cross design. Her exact words were 'it's a beautiful piece of artwork!'"
verified purchase

"Incredibly artistic, and superb quality."
verified purchase

"She said YES! We are thrilled and amazed with the columns design for her engagement ring. Thank you for all you did for us!"
verified purchase

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