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⭐   Take a virtual tour of Ancient Greece at the American School Gala ⭐
⭐   Take a virtual tour of Ancient Greece at the American School Gala ⭐


Greek Jeweler | Master Goldsmith


Greek Jeweler | Master Goldsmith



To wear Damaskos is to wear the experience, hard work, and talent of master craftsmen who have spent a lifetime developing their skills. 

Every detail is perfectly crafted to be an extension of you. It will be given and worn with love, so it should be made that way, too.



Diamond Block Collection


The Museum Pieces


Damaskos Black™ Collection


We begin each project by looking at an order sheet with your specifications. The length and stone choices are important, but the most interesting thing is at the top of the page; it's your name! We often imagine who you are while we work, and how you will wear our creation. 

Because of this; hearing back from you after "the first wear" is one of the biggest rewards we get  

-Nico (master craftsman, 32 years at Damaskos)





Necklaces and Chains


Cuff Links


"What is "hand made"? When you see a braided rope know that it was meticulously woven from strands of gold, and where you see flowers know that each petal was individually cut and shaped to fit that piece.

This is how we've made jewelry in Greece for over  2,000 years and I'd like to thank you for helping us protect it."  Giorgo Damaskos



Special Projects

Damaskos crafts museum reproductions for patrons of the Louvre, Hermitage and Met Museums, and he also creates unique pieces for special clients with creative ideas. This video shows a great example:


A Note on Pricing

To the uninitiated, Damaskos may seem expensive. And although we cannot deny that these items cost a lot, we can still make an honest claim to competitive and fair pricing across all of our jewelry lines.


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