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New Blog Entry: "Packaging your Piece"
New Blog Entry: "Packaging your Piece"


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To wear this jewelry is to wear the experience, hard work, and talent of master craftsmen who have spent a lifetime developing their skills. 

We know the piece will be given with love and worn with happiness, so we think it should be made that way, too.

–Giorgo Damaskos









Necklaces and Chains


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We protect a 5,000 year tradition of hand crafting jewelry.  

As such; no molds are used in the production of these products. Your order will be made entirely from scratch to ensure both a perfect fit and true "ownership" of the piece.



Diamond Block Collection


Breckenridge Pearl Collection


The Museum Pieces


Special Projects

Damaskos crafts museum reproductions for patrons of the Louvre, Hermitage, and Met Museums. He also creates unique pieces for special clients with creative ideas. We have a  video discussing a 2-Sided Cloisonne Enamel Bracelet by Damaskos:


"We begin each project by looking at an order sheet showing your size and stone choices, but the most interesting thing is at the top of the page; it's your name. We imagine who you are while we work, and how you will wear our creation.  Because of this; hearing back from you after "the first wear" is one of the biggest rewards we get." —Nico (Master Craftsman, 32 years at Damaskos). Pete takes you through the Damaskos workshop in this video:

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