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Heading to Greece? Let's get a drink!
Heading to Greece? Let's get a drink!

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"Modern Greek Traditional" 

The Style Defined:

The past 50 years has seen important developments in jewelry design. Artists such as Gerochristo, Evangelatos, and Konstantino inherited a style of jewelry that was heavy with ornate silver, and added touches of gold and colorful stones to reflect our Ancient and Byzantine heritage. This fusion of history is known as "Modern Greek Traditional", and has informed the collections of jewelry designers the world over.

Heavy, ornate silver echos our history from Medieval and Ottoman times when all we had was each other and our faith.

Our liberation from the Ottomans brought the wealth of gold back to our jewelry, which we protected in an encasement of silver work.

Respect for our Byzantine past begs the inclusion of colorful gemstones supported in the gold and protected by silver.

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