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New Blog Entry: "Packaging your Piece"
New Blog Entry: "Packaging your Piece"

Our Designers

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Gerochristo | Master of Detail

Spiros is the father of the "Modern Greek Traditional" style of jewelry and also its most prolific contributor. He crafts hundreds of new pieces every year. Whenever you see a two-toned style (18k gold on sterling silver) with ornate detailing and colorful stones, chances are that its roots can be traced back to his workshop.

Metals: Solid 18k gold on Sterling Silver

Stones: All Natural

Range: ($$ - $$$$)

Yianni | Luxury in Silver

Garbis Khacherian has quickly become one of our most popular designers. While his artistry fits squarely in the "Modern Greek Traditional" movement started by Gerochristo, his choice of materials and ornate yet rugged style has expanded the movement in a genuinely new direction while keeping his prices accessible to everyone.

Metals: Sterling Silver
Stones: Natural Zircon 
Range: ($ - $$$)

Al'Oro | The Delicate Touch

Why Al'Oro? First and foremost; these are our friends! Not only to Athena's, but also to the entire Greek jewelry industry because they supply chains to just about everyone! They also make some popular and unique products with those chains, such as mati bracelets like the one shown here.

Metals: Solid 14k Yellow, White and Rose Gold

Stones: Natural Zircon

Range: ($ - $$)   

Stilvi | Nature Meets Metal

At the end of the day we believe in art, and when we see a designer making a genuine effort to explore a new style of their own invention (and it's good!) ... we get a little weak in the knees. Art doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars, so expect friendly pricing and as we are currently building this collection.

Metals: Sterling Silver with both Solid and Plated gold

Stones: All Natural

Range: ($ - $$)


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